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Sally is an accomplished HR/Recruitment professional with an exceptionally broadened skill set.

Having worked in Talent Acquisition for Virgin Atlantic for the last 13 years, she brings a wealth of experience in managing the end-to-end recruitment process.​ 

Commercial and People focused, Sally seeks to add value by providing HR Guidance and Support, assistance with employee onboarding, policies, and ongoing HR advice for managers. ​

With a strong focus on Diversity and Inclusion, Sally qualified as a Springboard® Trainer in 2018 where she delivered workshops to over 200 women (UK & Internationally) giving them the confidence to grow both personally and professionally to achieve their potential with amazing results.



Are you finding dealing with HR time-consuming and difficult?

HR can sometimes get in the way of running your business. We understand this and no matter how big or small, Longwood provides human resources services to perfectly fit your business. We work collaboratively with you to tailor essential requirements such as employment documents or policies to the specific needs of your business



You don’t have to be an expert in HR to run your business but from time to time there may be issues that you may need some help with. Whether it's reassurance needed to ensure that you are acting in the right way, or a more complex employment issue, we can support and guide you.

We will work with you to resolve your HR issues delivering fit-for-purpose, relevant solutions, and communication for your business.

We take time to understand your business so that we can guide you through your people issues and set you up for success.



Policies and Procedures play an important role in outlining your business’ approach to various HR matters. A great deal of these are strongly recommended from a best practice perspective and are more commonplace. HR policies can also improve the speed of decision-making by ensuring that clear guidance is readily available to cover a range of issues.

Longwood can help to create policies and procedures that cover your organisation. Our policies are written in plain language, avoiding jargon, ensuring that they are user-friendly and easy to understand by all employees.



As a business owner, there are lots of things to get your head around when hiring somebody new and issuing an employment contract is one of the first, most important priorities.

Whether it’s drafting contracts, terms & conditions, collective agreements, or written statements of employment, we can guide you and keep you and your business safe.



Springboard is an award-winning work and personal development training course.

Springboard is for women wanting to achieve their true potential by learning about themselves, building their confidence, setting goals, and being able to communicate effectively within a safe space. This course helps businesses to develop diverse talent that is within the organisation and promote inclusion, including helping address the gender pay gap and the ethnicity pay gap. It also creates opportunities for women to step up for promotion.

With a licensed Springboard Facilitator, we can run this course for you, at your organisation, at a time and date that suits you with outstanding results.

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In recent years the government has reformed the way apprenticeships are delivered and funded in England. As part of these reforms apprenticeships are more robust, better structured, and independently assessed to ensure apprentices gain the skills that employers need for their workforce. Apprenticeships are a great opportunity for businesses to grow their own talent. The employer provides an apprentice with real-life work experience and the support of a structured learning framework driven by the training provider.

With a proven track record, we can support with everything from the selection process to finding the right training provider right through to applying for funding.

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